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Carolyn Frodsham

Group Managing Director


Jonathan Law

Managing Director


Toni Davis

Operations Manager


Lee Abbott

Project Manager





Steel Erector

Location: Bolton, Lancashire Type: Contract Job #19065 ES Steel   We are a Construction SME specialising within the Nuclear and Defence industry. We build safe, reliable, and sustainable construction projects, that

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Type: Contract Job #19061 ES Steel   We are a Construction SME specialising within the Nuclear and Defence industry. We build safe, reliable, and sustainable construction projects, that meet the highest

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Telehandler Driver

Type: Contract Job #18995 ES Steel We are a Construction SME specialising within the Nuclear and Defence industry. We build safe, reliable, and sustainable construction projects, that meet the highest

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Carolyn Frodsham

With over 30 years of experience working in engineering and construction, Carolyn serves as the driving force behind all operations at Employment Solutions and ES Steel. She bridges the gaps between ES Steel’s main areas of expertise: nuclear construction and staff recruitment.

In acknowledgement of the difficulties employers face with regards to skills shortages and legislative changes, Carolyn develops strategies that help clients overcome a broad range of different challenges. No matter how specific and niche a project is, Carolyn will have a creative solution to enable her clients to succeed.

In her time as Managing Director at ES Steel, Carolyn has mobilised teams of highly skilled individuals for specialised assignments up and down the country. Her ethos has always been that the contractor is just as important as the client. With this in mind, she facilitates mutually beneficial arrangements that ensure contractors needs are considered throughout the planning process too.

Carolyn’s passion for people extends into almost every facet of her life. From her love of team sports, such as football, tennis, and cricket, to her interest in travelling and experiencing different cultures, she is fascinated by human connection. It is this interest and this degree of understanding that enables her to inspire and lead her own teams so successfully.

Jonathan Law

Jonathan began his career within civil engineering, working alongside large construction teams on complex projects. He ultimately became a qualified Quantity Surveyor after studying at the University of Salford.

Following completion of his MSc within Construction Law and Dispute Resolution – also at the University of Salford – Jon joined a national and respected consultancy practice. This role allowed him to further enhance his commercial skills and broaden his knowledge of the industry.

His personal interest within the nuclear industry led him to pursue a commercial role within a global organisation specialising within the Civil Nuclear Sector, with a particular focus on nuclear decommissioning projects and, more recently, nuclear new builds. He worked in this sector for ten years, prior to joining the team at ES Steel.

Jon is extremely passionate about the nuclear industry, its environmental implications, and its social impact in terms of its ability to cater to high demand. He has observed the ‘nuclear renaissance’ that the UK has seen post-COVID, and is keen to dispel some of the more outdated perceptions of nuclear energy. His role as Managing Director enables him to do just that, and his energetic and ambitious approach allows him to seek out innovative opportunities for growth as the industry expands.

Jon works closely with clients, leveraging his background in construction and his knowledge of nuclear technology to proactively drive change as the UK takes progressive steps towards a more nuclear future.

Toni Davis

Toni is responsible for the operational management of the whole division at ES Steel. Having worked at the company in several different roles since 2015, she understands how each team operates and she acts as the glue that holds everything together.

In her role as Contracts Manager, Toni is constantly striving to improve efficiency. She has implemented several new management systems including ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 to facilitate engagement between sites, and she continues to bridge the gaps between different departments, ensuring all teams are on the same page throughout every stage of a project.

Toni is a patient listener and an excellent communicator – two traits that she considers vital to her success at ES Steel. Toni has a reputation for taking a fresh new approach, problem solving and a passionate belief in breaking the mould when it’s required.

Her skills and knowledge allow her to adapt quickly, manage effectively, and remain calm under pressure. Toni is committed to providing the highest level of service and quality for clients, and she understands that helping her team to succeed is integral to this process.

As a woman working in a male-dominated field, Toni speaks openly about her positive experiences working in construction. She seeks to disrupt the narrative and encourage more women to pursue a career in the industry.

Lee Abbott

As Project Manager at ES Steel, Lee manages staff to ensure every project is completed to the highest standard. Lee began his career as a steel erecting apprentice and has gone on to work his way up through the ranks.

His commitment to constant progress both in his daily work and in his career development has given him first-hand knowledge of the daily working processes of each member of the team he manages. This allows him to manage from a position of empathy.

Lee is incredibly knowledgeable with regards to risk management, and the safety of his team is of the utmost importance. ES Steel has strong focus on health and safety measures, and Lee’s efforts uphold these standards.

Lee has an eye for detail and a knack for developing creative solutions to complex problems. His results-driven approach drives him to routinely exceed clients’ expectations. He is committed to the success of his team, and his passion for steel production is evident in his 10 years’ experience in the defence sector and dedication to the job.

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