Programme and Project Partners (PPP)

Sellafield is a large, multifunctional nuclear site in Cumbria, England, made up of more than 200 nuclear facilities and over 1,000 buildings. The sprawling site deals with nuclear decommissioning, nuclear waste processing, and nuclear storage. 

Sellafield’s Programme and Project Partner (PPP) framework was developed in 2019 as part of an innovative project to support the development of the site. Adhering to strict safety regulations, ES Steel has worked at Sellafield on a range of different steel installation projects over the last decade. ES Steel has operated as a key partner in several contracts, including the SIXEP Continuity Plant (SCP) and the Store Retreatment Plant (SRP). 

Decommissioning work is ongoing at Sellafield and, as such, health and safety is always the client’s number one priority. ES Steel’s specialist team are trained to adapt to even the most rigorous of safety standards and are equipped to produce installations that comply with (and exceed) regulatory requirements.

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