Case Study: Project MENSA

UK defence site that manufactures and maintains warheads to support the UK’s nuclear deterrent and minimize nuclear threat.

As part of Project MENSA, a new warhead assembly facility was commissioned for the AWE Burghfield site, and ES Steel was awarded the contract to construct walkways, partitions, and catenary towers.

The brief for Project MENSA covered all elements of the steel constructions for each component of the building. The walkway was made up of steel grated flooring and steel stairs within the main building.
These were installed using 5t Valla cranes. Walkway strengthening works were subsequently put in place by security-cleared personnel as part of efforts to redesign the clipping system for floor access.

Every steel partition in the MENSA project was built and installed by ES Steel, along with 14 catenary towers around the facility’s perimeter. 40t–130t cranes were used to facilitate this.

Alongside the MENSA project, ES Steel also assembled units for the Aldermaston site.

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